CI & Patent Related News 25/10/2010

1) Brazil Supreme court of justice (STJ) once again held that pipeline patents expiry would be calculated from first priority date of foreign filing (as it was held in seledinafil and Atorvastatin) (Brazil Patent office) (IP tango)

Brazil Patent No: PI1100739-7K B1 (Brazil filing date: 09/05/1997) and First foreign filing date or Earliest filing date: is 03/04/1992

Pipeline patent system in brazil is much similar to Indian Mail box applications. Pipelines patents are essentially for pharmaceutical or chemical patents filed during one year starting from 15/05/1996. Over 1182 patent applications are deposited at INPI brazil during this one year. Pharmaceutical Products which are eligible to be filed as Pipeline patents, are patents obtained or filed in foreign countries since 1985 and still (till 1996) awaiting for marketing authorization.

2) "Deemed to be abandoned under section 21" (Spicy IP). A similar case on section 21 is "Telefonaltiebolaget LM Ericsson v. Union of India" (Spicy IP)

3) Santhera Regains Full Rights to Fipamezole from Biovail (Bionity)

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