CI & Patent News: 24/11/2010

1) GlaxoSmithKline and Dr. Reddy’s Agree to the Sale of US Penicillin Facility and Products (Link)

… Under the agreement, GSK will transfer ownership of its penicillin manufacturing site in Bristol, Tennessee, United States, and rights for the Augmentin® and Amoxil® brands in the United States to Dr. Reddy’s. GSK will retain the existing rights for these brands outside the United States …

2) Lilly’s Testosterone Lotion (Axiron) receive FDA Approval to treat certain conditions associated with a deficiency or absence of testosterone in men (Link). Axiron lotion (testosterone) is developed by an Australian company (Acrux).

… Acrux will receive a payment of $87 million from Lilly, which bought the rights to the drug in March. The Australian company will get royalties and further payments of as much as $195 million from Lilly…

3) Biocon to strengthen its market presence of Orlistat after ban on sibutramine (Pharma Biz)

4) SIRS-Lab and Pfizer to Collaborate in the Field of Sepsis (Business wire)


6) Abbott-Solvay merger plan gets board nod (Business Standard)

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