CI & Patent News: 29/11/2010

1)  Actavis launches Docetaxel single vial on patent expiry in major European markets (Press Release)

…. launched by Actavis under its own brand in Germany, the Netherlands, UK and Sweden, as well as by Medis ― the company’s sales division to third-party clients ― in the UK and Germany…. Actavis has also launched the Docetaxel single vial in Ireland, Finland, Portugal and Austria which were patent-free. The product will be launched across Europe – patents permitting – during 2010 and 2011….

2) Selcia and Gilead Sciences Extend Liver Disease Drug Discovery Collaboration (Link)

3) Merck announced Phase III study results of ISENTRESS® (raltegravir) Investigational Once-Daily Dosing in Treatment-Naïve Adult Patients Infected with HIV-1 (Press Release)

4) Venus Remedies Ltd received patent protection in South Africa and New zealand for its proprietary product Vancoplus (Ceftriaxone and Vancomycin). PCT Patent application Number is WO2006085337 (ET)

5) Sanofi-Aventis to launch reusable insulin pens in India (ET)

6) PhRMA signs cooperation agreement with Chinese pharma assn, SINO-PhIRDA (Pharma Biz)

….no such agreement was signed in India as similar incentives are not offered here. India’s new Patent law which was introduced in 2005 does not recognize incremental innovation as grounds for acquiring a patent ….

7) Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd. plans to begin sales of generic Aricept (Donepezil) in the U.S. Nov. 29

8) Paragraph IV Litigation:

Alza Corp & Ortho McNeil Vs Impax & Teva at Delaware District Court filed on November 24, 2010; Case No: 1:10-cv-01024-UNA (product & Patent info will be updated)

9) Perrigo Announces Launch of Naproxen Sodium Soft Gels – Generic Equivalent to Aleve® Liquid Gels

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