CI & Patent News: 08/12/2010

1) Paragraph IV Litigations

Novartis  v. Aurobindo Pharma (Amlodipine + benazapril)

Complaint filed at District of New Jersey on Dec. 3, 2010

Patents in suit: 6162802 (Expires on Dec 19, 2017) View on PriorSmart

2) GSK signs agreement to acquire Nanjing MeiRui Pharmaceuticals in China (press release)

… MeiRui is a leading Chinese pharmaceutical business with a strong portfolio of urology and allergy products, including Prostat for benign prostatic hyperplasia and Sheniting for overactive bladder syndrome. GSK will gain access to this portfolio of products, as well as MeiRui’s established sales and marketing platform and a manufacturing facility in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China ….

3) Forest Laboratories and Gruenenthal Enter Into Licensing Agreement for the Development and Commercialization of Novel Analgesic Compound (Business Wire)

…GRT 6005 and 6006 are novel first in class compounds with potent agonist activity on ORL-1 (opioid receptor like -1) and the well established mu opioid receptor… The compounds are covered by a composition of matter patent that will expire in November 2023. Additional patent term extension is expected.

4) Watson Confirms Development Agreement with Natco for Generic Revlimid(R) (Press release)

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