CI & Patent News: 09/12/2010

1) Alnylam Says It Won Europe RNA Patent Dispute (PharmaLive)

2) NovaBay Pharmaceuticals and Galderma Expand Their Agreement to Include Impetigo (Yahoo finance)

3) Orexigen® Therapeutics’ Investigational Drug Contrave® Receives Positive Recommendation from FDA Advisory Committee for Treatment of Obesity (Yahoo finance)

4) Strides acquires Inbiopro (A KPO) (press release)

5) Abbott Laboratories Subsidiary Kos Pharmaceuticals Reaches $41M Settlement  (link)

6) AusPat beta Launched (The Patent Librarian’s Notebook); Now Auspat enables users to search Australian patents full text from 1906. File wrapper of AU patent application will soon be made made available (early 2011)

7) Bayer plans to significantly expand capacities in China (Link)

8) US Government’s Interference in India’s Tenofovir Proceedings (i-mak) (spicyIP)

… Gilead’s patent applications for tenofovir disoproxil (2076/DEL/1997) and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (896/DEL/2002) were rejected following various pre-grant oppositions. The decisions of the Indian Patent Office (IPO) as relating to Cipla’s and Intermed Lab’s oppositions can be read here and here. Gilead has since filed an appeal to the Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB)…

9) Active Biotech and Teva announces successful completion of Laquinimod for Multiple sclerosis (link)

10) Elder sees rev jump on Bulgaria drugs launch (Livemint)

11) P IV Litigations:

Mylan Vs Ethypharm (FazaClo; Clonazapine OD Tablets; 25 MG, 100 MG, 12.5 MG, 150 MG, 200 MG) Declaratory judgement for non infringement of 6106861(assignee: Ethypharm). Filed at District of Delaware on Dec. 7, 2010 View on PriorSmart

Brief fact: For FazaClo ODT product, three patents (6024981, 6221392, 6106861) are listed in OB. Mylan has filed ANDA with P IV on all three patents.  CIMA lab is assignee for ‘981 and ‘392 and has sued Mylan on these two patents. Ethypharm is assignee of ‘861 patent not sued Mylan within 45 days, hence Mylan requested for declaratory judgement for ‘861 patent.

12) Roche provides update on leading late-stage pharmaceutical pipeline (Press Release)

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