CI & Patent News: 11/12/2010

1) Paragraph IV litigation

1) Astellas Vs Nycomed (Tacrolimus ointment 0.1% Protopic)

Complaint filed at District of New Jersey on Dec. 7, 2010

Patents in suit: 5,385,907; 5,665,727; View on PriorSmart; This is third complaint filed by Astellas

2) Shionogi Pharma & CIMA Labs Inc Vs Mylan[ (ORAPRED ODT) Prednisolone ODT; 10MG, 15MG, 30MG]

Complaint filed at Delaware District Court on December 09, 2010; View on RFC

Patents in suit: 5178878; 6024981; 6221392; 6740341

2) BREAKING: ‘Small’ EU Patent To Come Soon (BLOG@IPJUR.COM) (tweet);  …In the European Council Competitiveness, today 11 Member States have expressed their agreement to cooperate for the realization of EU patent..

3) Mylan received approval of Adalat® CC (Nifedipine extended release tablet) (Press release)

4) Bayer has submitted new data for new oral contraceptive regimen of Yaz (ethinylestradiol/drospirenone) in Europe (Decentralized; Natherland as reference member state) (Press release)

5) Teva filed citizen petition requesting FDA to refrain approvals of Copaxone generics.  (RTT News)

6) EU India: Drug seizure matter update (Generic pharmaceuticals)

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