CI & Patent News: 14/12/2010

1) Paragraph IV litigations

Cephalon, Inc. Vs Apotex, Inc (Product: may be Armodafinil )

Complaint filed at Delaware District Court on December 14, 2010

2) Meda acquires three OTC products from Glaxo in the US (Business wire); Product information is not disclosed. Glaxo markets totally five OTC product (TAGAMET HB; ABREVA; NICORETTE; COMMIT; ALLI) in US.

3) Reckitt Benckiser to buy India’s Paras for $726 mn (ET)

4) Inspire Announces Launch of DIQUASTM Ophthalmic Solution 3% (diquafosol tetrasodium) by Santen in Japan (Yahoo finance)

5) New dosing recommandation for Darunavir is approved by FDA (J&J Press release);  Ritonavir is HIV protease inhibitor and also CYP3A4 (a metabolic enzyme); This reduces metabolic clearance of other agent administered with ritonavir . We aware of approved combination of Lopinavir and Ritonavir.

6) USPTO Implements Pilot Program Extending Provisional Application Period (Patent Docs) (USPTO)

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