CI & Patent News 05/01/2011

1) New national collections now available (Link): We are aware that there are two search service provided by WIPO Patentscope; One is PCT application search and the other one is National collection search. Now National collection database is updated with national patent collections of Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, Peru and Uruguay.

2) Meda Acquires Additional two OTC Products in the US from GSK (link). Last month three products were acquired from GSK

3) Spain: Modification of EP translations (PatLit). Untill Oct 1992 spain did not allow product claim in product patent and patents filed before 1992 were referring to process instead of product. Now spain supreme court allowed patentees to file modified translation with product claim.

4) Merck KGaA focuses on diabetes in India, lines up five products (livemint)

5) RPG Life Sciences introduces the first generic version of ketoanalogue – alfalog (pharmabiz)

6) LUPIN signs strategic agreement with FARMANGUINHOS, Brazil for the supply of its 4 in 1 combination drug (Rifampicin + Isoniazide + Ethambutol + Pyrazinamide) for tuberculosis for 5 years

India: some IP decisions in past one month:

1) Yaz (Drospirenone; Ethinyl Estradiol) — Bayer — lN/PCT/2002/410/CHE (WO2001015701) — Refused

2) Kaletra (Lopinavir; Ritonavir) — Abbott — 339/MUMNP/2006 (WO2005039551) — Refused

3) Valturna (Alskiren; Valsartan) — Novartis — 212199 (724/cHENP/2003) — WO2002040007 — Revoked

4) Detrol LA (Tolterodine) — Pfizer — 211539 (IN/PCT/2000/84/CHE) — WO2000012069 — Patent held valid

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