Natco applied CL for Pfizer drug Maraviroc

Natco applied for Compulsory Licenses for Pfizer’s HIV drug Maraviroc

Maraviroc seems to be protected by 204132 (885/MUM/1999) and other pending applications 867/BOM/1999 and 1939/MUM/2006. ‘132 patent is granted on Jun 08, 2007 published in Gazette no 23/2007.

Natco has applied for CL in November 2010 (as per ET report).

ET report

…. Pfizer has time till May to reply, as Indian patent law allows an innovator company to respond within six months of receiving a notice for voluntary license. If it does not allow Natco to make cheap drugs, the Indian pharma company can approach the government for CL, that will allow it to sell a lowpriced version of the drug after paying royalty to Pfizer….

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204132 (885/MUM/1999) is again published on 31st Dec 2010 as 204132 (885/BOM/1999)

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