CI & Patent News: 08/01/2011

1) Dr Reddy’s ties up with UK-based research organisation Argenta:

“… In a statement, John Montana, managing director of Argenta, said the company would work with Dr Reddy’s to identify “novel and differentiated drug candidates for multiple targets meeting unmet clinical needs in pain and inflammation”…..”

2) Request for reexamination for Liponavir/Ritonavir is filed by public patent foundation (Published in last week journal); Patent: 6,703,403; Re examination Application No: 95/000,569; Patentee: Abbott (PUBPAT)

3) NextWave Pharmaceuticals Announces Launch of NEXICLON™ XR – First Extended-Release, Once-Daily Clonidine Oral Suspension and Tablet

4) Aurobindo, Wyeth Settle Spat Over Generic Effexor (law360)

5) US Litigations recently filed complaints

1) Pfizer Inc. et al v. Sandoz Inc (Lyrica Oral solution; Vfend Voriconazole injection); Patents involved in suit 5,364,938 & 6,632,803 (will be updated); View at RFC

2) Alaven Pharmaceutical, LLC v. Seton Pharmaceuticals, LLC (probably Metoclopramide injection) View on RFC

3) APP Pharmaceuticals, LLC v. Navinta LLC (Ropivacaine HCL Injection); Patents in suit 5,670,524  and 5,834,489 View on PriorSmart

4) Aventis Pharma S.A. et. al. v. Accord Healthcare Inc. (Product: Docetaxel Injection); Patents in suit: 5,714,512 and 5,750,561; View on PriorSmart

5) Pronova BioPharma Norge AS v. Apotex Corp (Product: Lovaza; Capsule oral); Patents in suit: 7,732,488; View on PriorSmart

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