India Case: Atazanavir

A news article posted on Medicins San Frontieres (MSF) states that two key patent applications related to HIV drugs are rejected in India in pre-grant opposition.

It further states that those two drugs are Atazanavir and Lopinavir and Ritonavir. Lopinavir+ritonavir patent application (339/MUMNP/2006)  is rejected on 30th Dec 2010 and decision is not yet available at IPO site, but available at NGO site (i-mak).

Atazanavir product patent application is filed in india as 805/MAS/1997 and its divisional 310/CHE/2007. The 805′ application is abandoned under section 21(1) and status of 310′ application is not available (whether opposed or not; not sure).

Atazanavir is further protected by two process related applications (6425/DELNP/2006 & its divisional 2933/DELNP/2009) which include polymorphic claims also. Among these two applications, 6425′ application is opposed by Matrix and Cipla.

It is not sure which application(s) is/are rejected by IPO (310′ or 6425′). No related decision is available publicly. The same news article says that application is related to Atazanavir bisulfate (??? to be updated). The 6425′ application includes atazanavir bisulfate polymorphic claim.

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