India: patent rules (amendment) draft published

Indian patent office has published draft amendment to patent rules.

This draft amendment mainly includes

(i) certain new rules (Rule 19A to Rule 19J) related to India as Internalnational searching authority (ISA) and fee (schedule V);

(ii) Rule 9 is substituted with new Rule 9 (now it includes new sub rules), For filing nucleotide and amino acid sequence new fee is proposed;

(iii) Rule 18 is substituted with new Rule 18 (Appropriate office);

(iv) added “sub rule (4) of rule 20” in Rule 138 (31 months time period as non-extendable time period) and some other amendments

Comments could be send to before 21st Jan 2011.


Addendum in Schedule I: Twenty five percent reduction in fee, if you file and prosecute the patent application on-line (note: registering online account is very difficult at

additional links [SpicyIP] [Genericpharmaceuticals&IP]

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2 Responses to India: patent rules (amendment) draft published

  1. Rohit says:

    That was very informative and well written. I look forward for further posts from you. Recently I happened to read an article on Salient points of the Draft Rules, 2010 which I felt quite interesting and informative. I would like to bring your kind attention to that post. Below mentioned is an excerpt of the mentioned article.
    The Indian Patent Office released a draft of the patent rules. Salient points as covered in the draft rules are as follows:

    1. Limitations on the draft specification:
    – A minimum font height of 0.28 cms and a minimum line spacing of 1.5 lines. (a new limitation as the previous rule merely mentioned that large and legible letters are to be used)
    – A margin of 4 cms on the top and left sides and … to read more click here

  2. patentdaily says:

    Thanks for your comments, i noted it

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