Patents & IP News: 24/01/2011

1) Teva in court over Astra’s  Seroquel EU patent (CNBC)

2) MEDA Positive Opinion for Retigabine in Europe (Biospace)

3) Natco may seek compulsory licence for Bayer’s cancer drug (ET Report); Sorafenib is protected by IN215758 (IN/PCT/2001/00799/MUM) which is equivalent of WO 2000/042012 (expiry: Jan 2020). The ‘758 patent is issued on March 2008, the three year period expires on March 2011.

4) Jupiter Biosciences in talks to buy Swiss pharma co for $10 m (ET)

5) Novartis International AG (CH) – Novartis gains approval for Gilenya® (Fingolimod) as a first-line disease modifying oral therapy for multiple sclerosis in Switzerland and Australia (press release)

6) Anti-Cancer Agent AMG 386 Enters into Phase III Clinical Trials in Japan (Press Release)

7) Writ petition questioning competence of IPAB (Patent Circle) (Livemint)

8) Expert panel to recommend regulatory guidelines for biosimilars soon (Pharmabiz)

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