CI & Patent News: 31/01/2011

1) Eli Lilly Petitions for Certiorari in Sun v. Eli Lilly (Holman’s Biotech IP Blog); Eli lilly asks supreme court to review. The petition for certiorari is is a type of writ seeking judicial review (Wiki). Recently Federal court denied to en banc rehearing (Link)

2) Dr. Reddy’s Provides Update on the Fexofenadine-Pseudoephedrine 24 Hour Litigation (Businesswire); District court of New jersey vacated preliminary injunction granted against launch of DRL’s generic product.

3) Generics Weigh In on Biological Drugs (WSJ)

4) J&J Loses Stent Case (WSJ)

5) Novartis’ Lescol Patent Enforceable, Judge Says (Law360);

6) Cipla promoters in sale talks with global firms (ET report)

7) Ranbaxy sign MOU with the Government of Russia Yaroslavl Region (NSE updates); Ranbaxy would establish collaboration with academic institutions in Yaroslav region for research and clinical trials.

8) MSF Statement: Johnson & Johnson/ Tibotec AIDS Drug Licenses Leave Out Too Many Patients (Don’t trade our lives away); This licensing will provide low cost medicines  only to India and certain african region. The low cost generic drugs manufactured in India still cannot be exported to Latam and many countires.

9) Endo Pharmaceuticals to defend Lidoderm’s patents (Reuters); This para IV challenge involves two topical patch formulation patents 5,741,510 (Expiry: Mar 30, 2014) and 5,827,529 (Expiry: Oct 27, 2015). The US patent ‘529 is assigned to Lactec and the exclusive licensee is Endo pharmaceuticals.

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