UCB cell tech PDL Biopharma Patent Disputes

Today UCB announced that they resolve all patent dispute with protein design lab (PDL Biopharma) and UCB will pay PDL US$ 10 million

[UCB Press Release]

On Feb 2005, USPTO declared  interference proceeding between certain claims of Queen et al U.S. Patent No. 5,585,089 and certain pending claims of Adair et al., U.S. Application No. 08/846,658 under 35 U.S.C. 135(a). USPTO held this interference proceeding in favour of PDL biopharma. The ‘658 application’s european counter part was also revoked by Opposition filed by PDL biopharma.  One more interference proceeding pending at USPTO between 6180370 (PDL biopharma) and 10/938,117 published as US2006/0029593 (UCB).

This agreement resolves all such pending patent dispute between PDL biopharma’s queen et al patents and UCB patent applications. Also a covenant not to sue UCB for any royalties regarding UCB’s Cimzia® product under the Queen patent portfolio.

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