CI & Patent News: 11/02/2011

1) Panacea to launch PacliALL (Paclitaxel) – Novel drug delivery product for Breast Cancer. It seems The PCT application WO 2007069272 protects this novel drug delivery system (Panacea Press Release)

2) Lilly Asks High Court To Review Double Patenting (law360); CAFC rejected rejected en bac review for double patenting

3)  Baselia in talk to sell rights of ceftobiprole (Bloomberg)

4) Protect Pharma sells patent portfolio to Germanys Grunenthal (thepharmaletter); Grunenthal has various opioid pain drugs (Tramadol, tapentadol etc).

5) Anacor and Medicis Enter Into Research and Development Collaboration for the Treatment of Acne (Businesswire); boron-based small molecule compounds (Anacor has large number of patent filings on boron based small molecules; the earliest one is WO 2006/089067)

6) Medivir Announces Start of Phase 1a Trial of the Hepatitis C Polymerase Inhibitor TMC649128 (Businesswire)

7) Novartis Says Mylan Infringed Lescol Patent (law360)

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