New EPO “Register plus”/Espacenet interface

EPOline has updated EPO register plus (Now European Patent register)/Espacenet interface with new helpful features.

New URLs of [Register Plus] [Espacenet v5]


a) Register plus includes keyword search and search by opponent name as advanced search options

b) Quick exchange link given between Espacenet, European Patent register, and Publication server

c) Export result of Espacenet in Excel and we can try RSS feed now

d) “Smart search”to search biblographic data (i.e) we can enter up to 20 terms in search bar as maximum of 10/set

eg (10 terms) operator (10 terms), which means we cannot enter more than 10 terms without any one of the operators (AND, OR, NOT).

Register Alert service is not functional now (as on 17/03/2011), i think this equal to Email alert service – WebRegMT (Prosecution events monitoring).

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3 Responses to New EPO “Register plus”/Espacenet interface

  1. Nigel Clarke says:

    Just so we’re all singing from the same hymnsheet….
    Register Plus is now called European Patent Regsister…seme service..nothing added nothing taken away. WebRegMT is now called Register Alert, and esp@cenet is now written Espacenet.
    European Patent Register, Register Alert and Espacenet are managed by the Online Products and User Support section

  2. 監視器 says:

    Nice piece of facts that you’ve got in this website submit. Hope I can get some much more of this stuff on your weblog. I’ll occur back.

  3. Arnaud says:

    Exported results can be used with this service:

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