Sun Merck Joint venture

Yesterday Merck and Sun pharma announced the formation of joint venture to develop and market innovative formulations and new combination of drugs in emerging market.

[Merck Press Release] [Sun Pharma] [ET]

This partnership uses Sun pharma’s proprietary platform technologies and IP and Merck’s expertise in regulatory filing and commercialization in emerging market.

The partnership combines Sun Pharma’s proven track record of leadership and expertise in rapid, innovative product development using Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company Ltd’s (“SPARC”) proprietary platform technologies, and Sun Pharma’s world-class manufacturing network with Merck’s clinical development and registration expertise and a broad, geographic commercial footprint. The companies said that they will focus on ‘innovative branded generics,’ that bring together combinations of medicines using platform delivery technologies designed to enhance convenience for patients in Emerging Markets.

Update: On 25 th April 2011, Sun and Merck entered into a deal that sun will be marketing Merck’s sitagliptin and Sitagliptin in combination with metformin in India. [BS] [ET]. Note: Sitagliptin seems to be protected by product patent (209816 26/CHENP/2004).

From BS article: Under the deal, Sun will have the rights to market the drugs only in India under different brand names, the firms said.

As per SARC site, following are the platform technologies and drug product developed using those technologies

Technologies Products
Gastro Retentive System for Controlled Release Baclofen GRS
Wrap Matrix Controlled Release Systems Metaprolol XL and other products
Nanoparticle Technology platform Docetaxel injection for nanodispersion
Paclitaxel injection for nanodispersion
Biodegradable implants/ injections Goserelin Depot Injection 1 month
Octreotide Depot Injection 1 month
Swollen micelle microemulsion BKC- free Latanoprost, SMM based
Dry Powder Inhalation Technology Fluticasone + Salmeterol DPI
Gel free reservoir technology (GFR) GFR based Timolol Maleate

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2 Responses to Sun Merck Joint venture

  1. Asa Cox says:

    Very interesting news… do you think this is a short sighted strategy for the generic companies or do you consider that they will never have the market understanding of big pharma?

  2. patentdaily says:

    This deal is as it mentions Merck will market product developed through Sun’s platform technologies.

    //…do you think this is a short sighted strategy for the generic companies…//
    I think this is kind of transformation from generics to specialty pharma for Sun. Sun may strengthen his specialty business.

    //…do you consider that they will never have the market understanding of big pharma?…// I dont know

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