New search function for board of appeal decisions

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The new basic search function for the database of EPO board of appeal decisions uses a single search field to search through the full text and metadata of the boards’ decisions.

With the new function you can limit your search to decisions published within certain time periods, and you can opt to display the metadata or just the relevant context of your search words in your search results.

You can also subscribe to RSS feeds so that you can be informed about new decisions fitting your search profiles without having to go to the EPO website.

The decisions of the boards of appeal are now published on a rolling basis (rather than in batches as before). In some cases the bibliographic data will be available first, with the PDF file of the decision text following a few days later. All decisions can, however, be read in HTML text below the bibliographic data. For technical reasons the HTML text does not contain any images or formulas. These are only available in the PDF file.

Because the data is derived from source files which have been synchronised and indexed at different times using different index algorithms, there may be some differences in the results produced by the “old” and “new” search engines. We therefore recommend using the new basic search function from now on.

The “old” search facility will continue to be available for a while. However, we are working on replacing it later this year with an advanced search interface which will allow you to combine multiple search fields to combine and retrieve search queries as RSS feeds.

Help pages for the new basic search function and RSS feeds are available.

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