Genzyme sues Seikagaku on 5,399,351

Genzyme sues Seikagaku on US patent 5399351 (Expiry: 21/03/2012) for Seikagaku’s Hyaluronic acid product (Gel-One). We may recall that Genzyme has sued Q-med on the same patent ‘ 351 and later Q-med/Medicis settles the law suit with Genzyme (Link).

Genzyme markets some hyluronic acid based products like dermal fillers and Synvisc osteoarthritis product.

Seikagaku has recently received approval for Gel-One (cross-linked viscoelastic hyaluronate hydrogel).

Complaint details: [RFC Express] [Copy]

News: [Bizjournals] [Law 360]

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