Genzyme Hyaluaronic acid products

In addition to earlier post, Genzyme filed another complaint against Seikagaku and Anika Therapeutics on infringement of 7,931,030 (expires on 20/12/2025).

[Seikagaku] [Anika Therapeutics]

Genzyme markets Synvisc and Synvisc One. Both are injectable elastic and viscous cross-linked HA gel approved in US.  Seikagaku received approval for Gel-One and Anika Therapeutics filed for approval of Monovisc.

Update: on 16th May 2011, Genzyme sues Allergen at Massachusetts District Court.

[Bloomberg] [RFCexpress]

…. Genzyme, which has a patent for a gel used to augment soft tissue, claims Irvine, California-based Allergan has refused to make payments for sales of Juvederm Ultra, Ultra Plus, Ultra XC and Ultra Plus XC. Genzyme is demanding compensation and an order blocking further use of its invention without permission, according to the complaint today in federal court in Boston.

Allergan, which also makes the Botox treatment, had been paying Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Genzyme on a patent that expired in July 2010, according to the complaint. Genzyme sued because Allergan declined a request to continue paying the same royalties through the March 2012 expiration of a second patent….

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