Azilsartan medoxomil – opposition – India

Indian patent journal (of September 9th 2011) has some new post grant oppositions filed under section 25(2) of Patent Act 1970. The controller may generally publish such post oppositions filed under section 25(2)in official journal.

Ranbaxy, Lupin and MSN have filed post grant opposition under section 25(2) for a patent covering medoxomil salt of Azilsaratan. The patent No. 242537 which is granted from 2785/KOLNP/2006, and titled “Benzimidazole derivative and a process for the preparation thereof“, claims medoxomil salt of Azilsaratan. This ‘537 patent is equivalent to OB listed patent of US 7157584 and expires on Feb 2025 in India. In USA, Azilsaratan is newly approved Angiotensin receptor II antagonist which is marketed by Takeda.

Along with the above mentioned one, two more post grant opposition information are published.

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4 Responses to Azilsartan medoxomil – opposition – India

  1. Dr. Monu Italia says:

    Could anyone share the details of application and grounds of post-garnt opposition in this case?

  2. M.Senthil Kumar says:

    IS there any patent oppostion filed in USA for the same compound?

  3. VIKAS MEHTA says:

    Is anybody know the intermedaites require to produce Azilasartan . Please advice

  4. Center Lane, LLC says:

    US…NCE exclusivity expires January 25th, 2016. The earliest a Paragraph IV can be filed is January 25th, 2015.

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