New Patentscope interface

Wipo recently announced that New Patentscope interface will replace old patentscope. This new patentscope comes certainly with some additional features.

WIPO call it as “New customizable search interface

Some obvious improvements are:

Easily switch over interface between  Search interfaces and others like Weekly publication page, Translation assistance etc

National collections of many countries (Brazil, ARIPO etc) are available for search in one integrated search

Unlike Espacenet, Patentscope enable users to export of search results up to 100 in *.csv format

Search results are displayed with options of further refinement (like display only PCT applications, Display results only from particular IPC class, Display documents only from particular assignee/inventor)

Word stemming (“riding”, “rides”, “horses” ==> “ride”, “ride”, “hors”), Fuzz search ~ (finds similar words like roam foam)

Additional options in Simple search like “Number/ID” (earlier only PCT numbers), supports various date formats (2001, 200107, 20010701, 01.07.2001)

Enabling search with proximity search (searching two words within particular word count) – (to explore more)

“Structured search” has become “Field combination search” with additional options in drop down menu (like office code, All numbers/ID, IPC N Inventive etc)

Free account enable users to save their search strategies (not sure for how many days/How many in numbers).

To explore use of “Cross lingual expansion” and “Translation assistance”

We will hope that India’s national collections will also be available in Patentscope soon.

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