Lipitor generic predictions

As Nov 30 approaches and Pfizer prepares to lose exclusivity on Lipitor, analysts are offering a variety of theories
[Settelement bwt Ranbaxy and Pfizer]
….Two of Ranbaxy’s India plants have been banned by the USFDA. While Ranbaxy is confident of a positive resolution with the USFDA, there’s no clarity yet if this resolution will include approval for generic Lipitor, analysts echo this worry.
An HSBC report said, “The key downside risk to our call is the forfeiture of Lipitor exclusivity and potential heavy fine payment to FDA
But looking at the larger picture, analysts feel Ranbaxy will gain from the lifting of the ban, since this will open doors for the launch of over 30 branded generic drugs from these plants.
As far as Lipitor is concerned, Ranbaxy will have a fight on its hands. It will face tough competition from authorised generic Watson and Pfizer, which is aggressively trying to save prescriptions by tying-up with many pharmacy benefit managers…..
[Money control]
On the other hand, pfizer going to make lipitor available at generic drug price to ensure that patients taking Lipitor continue to receive the brand name drug for the next six months (till May 2012), even as lower-cost generic versions of Lipitor become available from December 1.
Pfizer partnered with several US pharmacies with health plans that pays around the same price for the branded product as for a generic version.
Pfizer strategy include discounts, direct to consumer sale, co-pay cards, rebates, conversion to OTC etc

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