Consolidation 2011

Disclaimer: This blog/post is an amateur effort

Consolidated 2011 IP news


Patent Rules amendments: Indian Patent Office (IPO) published two draft patent rules amendments in 2011. The first one was on (Jan 2011) (Link) and second one was on (March 2011) (Link).

New patent manual: IPO published the final patent manual (html) (pdf)

Justice Prabha Sridevan was appointed as IPAB Chairman (News): Many new decisions were updated at IPAB site this year (link).

Compulsory license india: Domestic companies set to invoke CL in India (news). Natco’s CL on sorafenib was published in journal by controller and Bayer opposed this CL application by Natco.

Discussion paper’s on utility model (response received) and Patent office functionality (response received)

Patent infringement cases (pharma): Natco – sorafenib, Micro lab – Amoxicillin, Roche filed ten new patent infringement suits for Erlotinib (News) and Madras High Court dismissed two patent infringement suits filed on Matrix and Intas for Erlotinib product was dismissed as lack of jurisdiction.

Novartis case’s final hearing and Justice Bandari’s recusal (News)

Other news: Acquisition & JV of 1) Sun-Merck, 2) Bayer-Zydus, Karo Bio Zydus, Karo Bio alkem; Voluntary License by Gilead and Tibotec, patent pool aurobindoRanbaxy Antimalarial launch;  Varenacline salt form patent was revoked in India (Link); P.H.Kurian to leave IPO  (News) ; new price control policy (draft, NLEM) (news); Exparte Injunction: (Link); SpicyIP’s post: summary of controller’s decision.

In India few orders from controllers clarified that suo moto filing of divisional application under section 16 (link).

Other countries:

1) USA: The major change in Title 35 of the United States Code: America invents Act (Link).

2) Europe: Excerpts from the (Link) : Unitary patent system: On June 2011, european union agreed on a general approach to two draft EU regulations on the unitary patent for Europe.  25 EU member states have now embarked on enhanced co-operation with a view to creating unitary patent protection for their territories. Italy and Spain, which do currently not participate in enhanced cooperation. Unified Patent Court (UPC): The UPC will comprise a Court of First Instance, a Court of Appeal and a Registry. The Court of First Instance will be composed of a central division, as well as local and regional divisions in the contracting states. The European Commission hopes that the first unitary patents will be granted in 2013.

Web-Databases: In 2011, Espacenet and patentscope took new face with many additional features over older version. New databases may be useful for us (HIV Drugs Patent status Database), Common Citation Document Application (CCD).

I wish you all very very happy new year 2012.

PS: Whatever happens … life has to go on ….

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