Comprehensive e-Filing module Demo

Comprehensive e-filing module demonstration was conducted on Aug 13, 2012 at Chennai patent office.

E-filing module is developed to enable patent applicant to send all prosecution related communications to IPO online.

E-filing module is completely web based, no software installation is required.

This new e-filing module will be announced to public formally by September first week.


We need to create a new account to use this e-filing module.

Digital signatures (Class III) from (n)code, TCS, safescrypt, E-Mudhra)

SBI/Axis bank account can be used for fee payment online.

Windows XP with SP3 and internet explorer 6 or above.


Filing patent application (ordinary/National phase/Divisional/patent of addition) is completely online.

An applicant could file online all the forms/requirements which are mentioned in schedule I of Patent Act 1970.

Form 3/Form 27 can be filed for old cases (which are filed offline) too.

Patent renewal fee can be paid online.

Minimized transaction errors OR we can retrieve failed transactions due to network failure.

All the fees are calculated automatically.

Petitions under rule 137/138 can also be filed online.

Dual login option (Digital certificate OR username/password based – which is again linked to digital certificate).


Maximum size of file should be 5 MB (To confirm again, other person told 15 MB).

Only “pdf” format is acceptable (digitally signed).

For drawings, “jpeg” format.

Documents like power of attorney/Form 1, should be sent to patent office in original.

Communications from IPO will not be online, like FER or any other communication.

For further information please contact:

UPDATE (Dec 17, 2012): IPO officially inaugurated comprehensive online filing services (

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  1. Wow !!! Great post about online patent registration.

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