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Comprehensive e-Filing module Demo

Comprehensive e-filing module demonstration was conducted on Aug 13, 2012 at Chennai patent office. E-filing module is developed to enable patent applicant to send all prosecution related communications to IPO online. E-filing module is completely web based, no software installation … Continue reading

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Third party observation in PCT

I have come across this blog post in IP Kat. I surprised to see this news and want to share with my friends. WIPO has now introduced a web option to submit prior art documents to published PCT applications at Patentscope. To … Continue reading

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Presumption of patent validity in granting interim injunction

[Order] [SpicyIP] A granted patent can not be presumed to be valid. The presumption of patent validity is very less when defendant shows substantial doubts on violation of procedures in patent grant and credible challenge on patentibility and also when patent is granted recently. … Continue reading

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Claim format Indian patent applications

In a recently uploaded decision in ipindia which is related to Humira dosing regimen patent, patent applicant successfully traverse 3(e) and 3(i) grounds of opposition. Patent application no 6618/DELNP/2006 and titled: “MULTIPLE-VARIABLE DOSE REGIMEN FOR TREATING TNF -RELATED DISORDERS“, Patent applicant is Abbott and … Continue reading

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India – Section 16 – Divisional applications

We aware that the new manual issued recently by IPO India, includes new guidelines and best practices for filing and prosecuting divisional applications. Some of the recent decisions from IPO are in line with this. (a) A divisional application should … Continue reading

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CI & Pharma News: 28/12/2010

1) Jazz Pharmaceuticals Announces New Patent Issued for Sodium Oxybate (Press Release). The New patent 7851506 is expires on Dec 22, 2019 and listed in Orange Book. Note: Recently Jazz pharma has sued Roxane for ANDA filing. 2) Cephalon Wants FTC To … Continue reading

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CRCT And Schering Vs Barr Lab

Court of appeals has reversed the district findings on patent enforceability on schering’s patent 5,260,291. Order

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India: Cipla’s Oppositions compilation

This is an attempt to collect Cipla’s oppositions (pre/post) from publically available resources Application/Patent No Applicant/Patentee Drugs 329/DELNP/2004 Tibotec Intermediate IN/PCT/2002/00497/DEL OSI Pharma Erlotinib polymorph 1647/DELNP/2000 Tibotec Tenofovir/emtricitabine 3383/DELNP/2005 Gilead Tenofovir combinations 896/DEL/2002 Gilead Tenofovir 2076/DEL/1997 Gilead Tenofovir 3598/DELNP/2004 Tibotec … Continue reading

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Fabry disease and Drug Development

Fabry disease is rare inherited enzyme deficiency disease and it is named after its discoverer  Johannes Fabry.  A deficiency of the enzyme alpha galactosidase A due to mutation causes a glycolipid known as globotriaosylceramide (abbreviated as Gb3, GL-3, or ceramide trihexoside) to … Continue reading

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CI & Patent News 27/10/2010

1) Abbott Sues Anchen on Paricalcitol Capsules 1 mcg, 2 mcg, and 4 mcg. Patent in suit US 5,587,497 which expires on Jun 24, 2014 in US assigned to Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (Complaint) (Bloomberg) 2) Low cost HIV/AIDS drugs … Continue reading

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