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Brazil: Faster registration for PCT applications

[IP Tango] [BR INPI] Brazil patent office (INPI) is going to launch a system called Data Acquisition System (SISAD-PCT) from April. This system will allow faster registration of patent application coming via PCT by communication with WIPO database. Generally, Brazil … Continue reading

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Brazil Pipeline patents – Term extension

[IP Tango] [INPI] Yesterday Brazil Superior Court of Justice (STJ) denied patent term extension for two pipeline patents. One product is pramipexole which is protected by PP1100678-1 and another product is Dipyridamole and Aspirin which is protected by PP1100593-3 . Both the patents … Continue reading

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Brazil: AGU defines role of ANVISA and INPI

Quick background for readers who are new to brazil patent scenario: In brazil, the pharmaceutical product and related patents’ grant (it is not much clear here; what kind of patent application are linked) is linked to its regulatory agency ANVISA … Continue reading

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